Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Surgical hooks installed, had pre-op meeting with Surgeon - READY TO GO!

Hi everyone,

Today I had my meeting with my orthodontist. I got my surgical hooks installed, they`re basically little metal-wired loops that tie on to your brackets, from there, the surgeon will put the elastics through those hoops. Please note, my surgeon chooses to use elastics rather than wiring to keep the jaw closed, so if your O.S. uses wires it may be different.

The hooks took about 45 minutes to install, and are not painful to put in place at all. In fact, I`d say some adjustment appointments are more painful than this.

In regards to them being abrasive in the mouth... The top set of hooks are not bad at all, in fact, I can`t event really tell that they are there. The bottom ones though are a different story, I can definitely tell they`re there lol. In order to eat I put wax over them so they don`t dig into the underside of my lip.

Meeting with the Surgeon I had some X-Rays done, some photos, and some moulds of both my palettes and my bite profile (this little wax strip that goes in-between my teeth that I bite down on). This little bite profile seems to be the most important aspect of it all I was told, so cool! Everything was great, all is well; I got my care package with some booklets, massive syringes for my liquids, and all that good stuff.

I go to the hospital in just a few days where I go on to start a new chapter in my life! I`m SO EXCITED! As crazy as that sounds! :)

I`ll most likely make a post tomorrow, and if not it`s because I`ll be busy trying to wrap up some last minute things. If I don`t, I`ll be posting a few days after the surgery when I get back home! I`m told I should be good to go home on Sunday if nothing pops up, so that means a two night stay (Friday Night & Saturday Night).

Cheers everyone!


  1. New to your blog - good luck Nathaniel!

  2. Good luck!! I'm coming up on the one month mark. The good news is that you will see improvement every day. (Try to remember that immediately following your surgery. ha ha)

  3. Thanks for the well wishes everyone!! I just posted an updated on my Post-Op stuff and I'm already pumped to go through the recovery journey! I'll be sure to read a lot of your blogs tonight when I get back from the Dr. for my first Post-Op visit! :) Thanks again for the luck, it helped I'm sure! :)