Thursday, 9 February 2012

Overdue Updates!

Hi everyone, I figure this update is long over due however there's not much changes to report! Basically, I'm in limbo between letting the braces do their thing and the next surgery.

Essentially, I need to wait until my teeth are in perfect form so that the orthodontist can make moulds of my mouth. The moulds will then be used by my surgeon to determine his course of action. That said, I can't make an appointment with my surgeon until the moulds are made, which means I also have to wait to see him before I can schedule in the surgery date!

As it stands now, my teeth should be ready for moulding within a few months. Then, in early spring I'll be seeing my surgeon to book my final surgery. Scheduling is difficult as the surgeon needs an open day that also works with openings in the hospital where the surgery will be performed.

In terms of the experience with braces, I honestly don't even know they are there unless I'm eating something! Aside from that, I nowadays don't even feel them. To boot, I STILL have my expander in! Generally you take it out about 6 months after expansion, but I just never really was bothered by it and my ortho says you might as well keep it in there so long as I keep it nice and clean (which I do). To the reason why, well, he said relapse at this point is very very rare but can still happen even if it's a ever-so-slight amount.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask or comment! I do watch the comment emails :)

Best of luck to everyone going through the process! Updates in the coming months!