Monday, 16 May 2011

Swelling Gone, Cankers Basically Gone... But... a Bracket Fell Off! Haha. And, potential relapse!

Hi everyone, pretty cool to see the stats on here, 148 page views so far this month! I hope my information is helping anyone who is going through/will go though this process!
Okay, so, as I posted last week I developed some cankers and swelling from the braces. The swelling is gone and the cankers are almost gone. My mouth has actually taken to braces quite well I would say as I no longer even need to use wax! Sweet! I mean, the wax isn't that bad anyway it's just annoying putting it on and having it fall off if you're eating, taking it off and  then re-applying it when you're brushing your teeth, etc.

Last Friday though I noticed some tenderness in the top of my mouth from what feels like the expander pressing firmly on the top of my mouth. The Ortho suggested it is most likely relapse, which freaked me out at first but he said it's to be expected in almost any situation with jaw movement and that is the exact reason why the expander is in there, to prevent it from moving any further. I was happy to hear that, and, to get peace of mind, I made an appointment with my surgon for him to take a look at all the developments. He's very happy with everything and all is well! Great! :)

As I was eating lunch after the appointment a braces bracket on tooth #7R (last tooth before your wisdom tooth I believe, right side) broke off my tooth. Thankfully my orthodonist was up the street and had a free spot available an hour later, I got that fixed no problem.

So, that's some updates this week! If any one has any questions please feel free to comment and I'll respond to them.

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Braces Installed, Cankers and Swelling Soon Followed! LOL

Hi everyone,

I just got my braces installed this past Wednesday. The mentioned to me as they were putting them on that I would need to take Advil for a few days afterward as there would be pain from the teeth being pushed around. Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as I was thinking it would be and actually didn't need to take any Advil at all. My teeth did feel a bit tender, but it was the same feeling as when they put the spacers in for the palette expander; tender and sensitive to pressure (biting down). I'm happy to say though that today, Saturday, the sensitivity to pressure is almost all gone.

That said, due to my braces' brackets rubbing against my cheeks, I have three cankers in my mouth right now! The largest one is on the right side of my face a little under the upper lip. The second largest one is also on the right side in the middle back of my cheek where the braces wire ends. These two in combined I believe has caused light swelling of the cheek which is not the best situation since I'm tired of getting swelling haha, if you read through my previous posts you'll notice that I seem to be prone to them. The third canker is on the left side of my face a little under my top lip - knock on wood - it's not that big and I believe it will go away soon.

Aside from the canker and swelling, it's not that bad. It hasn't impacted my speech as much as I thought it would, though I'm currently talking very carefully to not irritate the cheeks further. Additionally, I've noticed I drool allot when brushing my teeth but that's not a big deal! Brushing the teeth takes a little longer because you just need to make sure you don't brush off the little elastics, but that's about it. Also, the waterpik is amazing.

I'll post about the progress on the cankers and swelling as it happens!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and are getting some wonderful spring weather like we are in Toronto today!