Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Last Ortho Appointment Before Braces. Met Someone With Double Jaw Surgery!

So I had my last ortho appointment to check up on my expanding before I get my braces on. It appears as though one side is under expanded where the other side is perfect, so the ortho wants to expand another 6 turns, so that means I will have expanded to 12mm when I'm complete. He mentioned to me that it's no big deal (in fact, no deal! haha) so that's good to know.

I met someone there too who had double jaw surgery, after my check up the ortho brought me to another patient who was there for braces adjustment, he talked to me about his double jaw surgery (LeForte I and BSSO). He had the surgery in October and the only thing he has now is a tiny little nerve sensation in corner of the top lip! That's pretty good considering if you were to get full nerve feeling back it could take a year!

I got the date for my braces too, May 4th! Wow. the process is moving quite along I must say!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Cheek Infection Gone! Also, Nose Breathing is AMAZING!

So, as the O.S (Orthodontic Surgeon) mentioned, the swelling went down a lot within the 48 hours of the antibiotic being administered. By 72 hours, it was essentially gone however I finished my prescribed 7 day dose of antibiotics. I'm happy to report that it's still all nice and settled! *knock on wood*.

Also, yesterday I had a stuffed nose so I decided to lightly blow it, and it felt great to do so. Please note that I did it lightly, it's not really recommended to blow your nose until at least three weeks after surgery, and while it was three weeks I'm still very cautious. Gross alert, when I blew my nose lots of old, dark blood-clot like blobs came out, which is a good thing! The blood clots I was told is a good breeding ground for bacteria, and could have actually been possibly a reason as to why I had a cheek infection too.

Before the surgery, I could breathe through my nose but it was difficult on various days, I should say most days. Now, after SARPE, breathing through my nose has been effortless! I LOVE IT!