Sunday, 12 August 2012

Six Days to Go!

So, I have six days to go before surgery if you count today and the actual surgery day. I've been doing a lot of running around to get things organized before then! Last year when I had my SARPE done, things were a bit different mainly due to the different hospital's procedures.

For the SARPE, the hospital I had the operation in did the blood-work on site. For the hospital I'm going in to for the Double Jaw + potential Genio, they request I do it from a blood-work clinic. In order to get that done though, I needed to go to my family doctor first to get the hospital's physical form filled out and the official blood-work order form filled out.

The doctor faxed over the physical paper to the Hospital, and then gave me the blood-work order form so I could bring it to any clinic that did the tests. Once the tests were done with that, they would fax over the results to the Hospital along with a copy to my family doctor. I was a bit weary that it wouldn't arrive on time or at the right department so I had my family Dr. also fax the blood work to the hospital again once he received it, just to be sure!

When I went to the hospital for the pre-admission interview we went over a variety of questions, all health related of course. They did my blood-pressure, weighed me, etc. All was well!

In parallel to doing all that administrative work, my girlfriend alerted me to a sale on Boost protein shakes at Rexall. We took that offer with great pleasure buying a total of 74 to 80 servings, I forget the exact number. I tried a view first to see which flavours I like the best and I was suprised to discover my liking was inverted from what I thought I'd like. My first flavour of choice is chocolate, then mocha, then vanilla, where as I thought I'd like Vanilla the most and chocolate the least. I didn't pick up strawberry but maybe I should just in case? Lol.

In a few days (Wednesday) I'll be going to the ortho to get the hooks in place where I believe they loop the elastics into after the surgery. On that same day, a few hours after, I'll be visiting my Oral Surgeon to have him plan out his procedure. Then, I'll have one day of buffer before going in on Friday morning!

I received a PlayBook for my birthday so I'll try and do some updates in the hospital with that if I have internet access in there. If not, I believe I'm scheduled for a two night stay so I should be updating on Monday or so after the operation!

I think I'll start producing YouTube videos too, along with some pictures of before, after, etc.

All the best to everyone going though it!

New posts soon, and more frequent, now that it's coming down to the finish line!


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