Sunday, 31 July 2011

End of the Month Update!

Hi everyone, hope all is well and that you're enjoying summer (if it's summer where you live!).

I had my braces tightened earlier this month and it wasn't bad at all! It had a little sensitivity for the rest of the day and went away, no where near the sensitivity that happened at first when the braces were initally put on.

To close the gap (The gap is quite small as it stands now, I'm not at home at the moment so I don't have a mirror and ruler to measure but its' probably 4mm I'm going to guess?), the orthodontist took a transparent string-like band and attached it to the two braces to have the teeth come together in the front since the SARPE gap was quite large. It was closing on their own, but they said they wanted to help it a long a bit.

Me being somewhat cautious person, asked if there was any potential risks in doing so, such as root resorption - they said no and not to worry! :) I also asked them if things such as mistakenly hitting your teeth with a fork or sneezing and then hitting your teeth with your arm (lol yes it happened while I was covering my sneeze) can cause root resorption and they also said not to worry. You need a decent amount of trauma to the teeth to cause root resorption, plus, the x-rays they take during your treatment will show any signs of such and they will take the necessary action to curb or deal with the problem.

The top teeth are very nice now, they weren't bad before but my god the transformation already is noticeable  They said the top was progressing very well and in fact they changed the arch-wire to a thicker one as the thinner one has done it's course. The bottom though still needs some work as it was quite crowded down there before.

I also had an appointement with my Orthodontic Surgeon for a quick check up, everything is great! *knock on wood* and the arch is a perfect size and shaping up nicely! *also knock on wood* :). He figures by sometime in September we'll have an estimation from the ortho as to when the orthodontic process will be complete and then with that information tentatively book  me in for surgery. Due to scheduling, I probably won't be having the surgery until Fall of 2012, but that's fine with me - I'll take the greatly improved jaw and teeth as an amazing Christmas Gift :P

Aside from that, nothing much to report! Which is of course a good thing. I'll be posting in September after my other appointments!

All the best to everyone!



  1. Hi Hayley, I've been doing great! I'm just in limbo between braces and the next surgery. My ortho has said one more visit and then I can get my mouldings made!